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Although a variety of enterprise system management providers provide some level of business impact or service management, few offer the detailed analysis and automation that the InCharge suite provides, said Carl Coken, director of marketing at Smarts in White Plains. "Other business service management products emphasize data collection and presentation, but you have to input everything by hand, filter by hand, do downstream event suppression and redraw [topology] maps manually. In the traditional systems management world, you need a lot of resources to analyze all those events to figure out whats the real problem, and you have to modify rules each time there is a change in the infrastructure," said Coken. "We reduce thousands of events to a handful of root causes and when there is a change in the environment, we recalculate the code book automatically, so you can go from hours of diagnostic time down to minutes. We provide actionable intelligence, not just a nice picture," he added.
Premus, who had some experience with Tivoli products, felt that Tivoli software was too manually intensive and less flexible when changes to the infrastructure were made. "A lot of folks can do the discovery, but none that we saw a year ago had any ability to tie applications to infrastructure and create a business impact," he said. "It does auto-discover changes to the environment and rebuilds the topology map and dependencies that applications or devices have on each other with no modification to rules."
The InCharge Business Impact Manager (BIM), which Sumitomo selected a year ago after evaluating other offerings, is the component of the suite that automatically determines the impact of infrastructure or application issues on business services by modeling business processes and linking them to the infrastructure elements that support the processes. Smarts enhanced BIM to represent additional business entities beyond processes to include organizations, business units, lines of business, departments and customers, including their relationships, behaviors and activities. It can also determine how problems in one business process affect a related process. Smarts also added a new InCharge Server Performance Manager, which brings InCharge monitoring and analysis to servers running IBM AIX, Microsoft Corp.s Windows 2000 and Linux. The suite includes the new Dashboard and Server Performance Manager along with the enhanced version of BIM as well as InCharge Service Assurance Manager, IP Availability Manager and Report Manager. The new and enhanced offerings are due by the end of the month. The Dashboard is $15,000 per NOC (network operations center) for a base license; the Server Performance Manager is $10,00 per NOC; and the BIM is $35,000 per NOC. Check out eWEEK.coms Enterprise Applications Center at for the latest news, reviews, analysis and opinion about productivity and business solutions.
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