Topics for Discussion

By Mark Hachman  |  Posted 2003-05-02 Print this article Print

Topics will include:
  • The Longhorn Universal Audio Architecture, designed to create a baseline standard for next-generation PC audio that "just works", and provides users greater control;
  • "Longhorn Signature Monitor", which apparently is a display which self-optimizes itself for business applications, then can be reconfigured for video;
  • More on "NewCard", the modular format to be used for X1 and X2 implementations of the PCI Express standard, due next year;
  • "Native 802.11", most likely a name given to roaming between WiFi and cellular networks, especially on PDAs and mobile handsets;
  • 2D and 3D interfaces for the Windows desktop, similar to the way in which 3D hardware is used to accelerate the Apple Macintosh desktop GUI;
  • A discussion of the "4.0+" shaders found within Microsofts forthcoming DirectX revisions,
  • A significant networking update, which involves a discussion of "chimney offloading" techniques for offloading TCP/IP protocols. TCP/IP is generally handled by the host CPU, but it will be prohibitive for 10-Gbit Ethernet, according to Microsoft, together with a memory management technique called "Remote Direct Memory Access";
  • An update on Mt. Rainier; which allows data to be written and rewritten to optical discs without the need to reburn the entire disc;
  • An update on Serial ATA host controllers, and Serial ATA-2;
  • Discussions of Windows server and client OSes running on Intel processors, as well as AMD-64 processors for desktops and servers;
  • Windows Server Automated Services and future Windows Server directions.
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