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Chambers: Somewhat, but I think it was primarily an industry phenomenon. Could we have done it better? Of course. The second thing is to determine how long it will last and how deep it will be. That dictates your strategy. You adjust appropriately. You try to do it once, but there are no guarantees.
We said it was going to be a 100-year flood and we had our changes implemented in 51 days. Then we focused on getting ready for the upturn.
eWEEK: Which hasnt quite happened yet, has it? Chambers: Oh, absolutely not, it has not happened yet. But were positioned extremely well for the upturn. Our profitability has returned to where it was before as a percentage of income. We are a more agile company now and a company that learned an awful lot and was humbled pretty good. eWEEK: Arent there some laws that come into play when a company gets very large and has many products, as you experienced at IBM. Is it in fact manageable after a certain point?


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