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. RNC"> Did the Kerry-Edwards campaign ask for anything in particular? No, because the people that come in, a lot of them have done this before, and so they have a very clear idea. Ive worked with them before, so theres no surprises.
Much of what we do is not glamorous, its providing computers, connectivity, e-mail, support, printing support—thats always hard at events like this because people have to be able to sit down; it has to be obvious to them where their printers are, how they print to them, so its about making it simple, but on a larger scale.
What keeps you awake now and what will keep you awake during the convention? Everything, everything. Just trying to keep our arms around everything, from printing, to making sure that services are in place for them when they hit the ground. Thats always a large challenge, and then to make sure on a high level everything stays up, that weve built enough redundancy into the system, make sure were monitoring the system, keeping our security in place, not taking any shortcuts. Its both on the desktop level and the system level, and the short answer is we dont get any sleep. Has there been any discussion with the Republicans, any sharing of information about what theyre doing, their setup vs. you guys? No, not from our point of view, and weve also made it very clear with our providers. Ciscos working the New York [Republican National] convention, Microsofts working the New York convention, IBM is providing a similar grant of $2 million, and both the providers and the DNCC made it very clear from the beginning that it should be separate business units, that they should only touch at a very high level, so therell be no copying of information. IT officials for the Republican National Convention said technology will play a bigger role than ever in this years RNC. Click here to read the story. Maybe as an after-action, Id love to see how they do things and what they did, but we take two very different approaches to how we do events, to how we do advance, to how we do gatherings, and I think that will be shown in the end. Im curious, but Im worried about us right now. The companies have been very good about maintaining the separation, which could be hard. All our partners have been really great. The only thing I do know is that a guy from Boston went down from Microsoft to work the Republican [convention], and most of our consultants are coming from New York, from Albany. Check out eWEEK.coms Government Center at http://government.eweek.com for the latest news, views and analysis of technologys impact on government and politics.


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