Dell's Key Health Care IT Offerings

By Brian T. Horowitz  |  Posted 2010-11-30 Print this article Print

What are the key offerings of Dell Services as far as health care IT?

The services side of Dell is providing the same kind of systems we provided at Perot Systems. We're also doing a lot of work in physician alignment with hospital systems so that Dell can provide physicians with a host of EMR solutions, but also tie back into the hospital systems, so they're able to link up their care much better.

We're working extensively in the health insurance exchange business. We run the Massachusetts connector right now, and obviously in health care reform, the use of health exchanges is going to be a big factor moving forward.

Do you think EHR adoption will be widespread and successful?

I think it will certainly be widespread. The government incentives ... they're certainly not enough to cause everyone to run out and adopt EHRs. But what they are able to do, I believe, is at least get the momentum built to allow a tipping point where we'll get more practices adopting EHRs.

My concern is that as with any rapid adoption of technology, there will be people who do it really well and people who do it poorly.

How can health care companies overcome the privacy and security challenges of health information exchanges?

One of the challenges of privacy and security is it's not the technical issue; it's really the governance issue of how information gets shared. I think the challenge moving forward to the industry is, How can we give appropriately granular control over for consumers of how the information gets shared and under what circumstances will that keep them comfortable-that they're information will remain secure?

We also have to communicate the real benefits of information sharing, that there is a real upside to having their information available wherever they are. Most people understand the value of accessing their financial information wherever they travel. People would be furious if they drove from Washington, D.C., up to Boston for Thanksgiving and couldn't access their money at an ATM there. When you think about it, if you actually got sick up there and wound up in the emergency room, what the real advantages would be of having the doctors in the emergency room access their record.

Even at its most basic level, people are used to making restaurant reservations or buying movie tickets through their phone, and yet they can't make an appointment with their doctor online.


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