Apple Fans Dont Matter Any More

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2009-10-06 Print this article Print


6. Windows is still useful

Part of the reason why so many Mac owners have Windows PCs running in their homes is due to the fact that Windows is still useful. There are several enterprise applications that only work with Windows. Those people might need access to those programs and can only gain that access from their Windows PCs. If they know Windows 7 is better than what they have, they will undoubtedly upgrade, dedicating cash they might have spent on Apple products to Microsoft's software.

7. These aren't fanboys

For years, Apple has been able to make billions of dollars off of the "Apple fanboy." Those people typically love everything Apple does and despise anything related to Microsoft. They wouldn't be caught with a Windows PC.  However, the NPD Group study shows more than 85 percent of Apple owners aren't fanboys. That means Apple needs to constantly impress them to win their cash. Considering the iterative update that Snow Leopard is, it might not be so easy when those same users see Windows 7's upgrades.

8. They have low expectations

If current Mac OS X users are also using Windows PCs, chances are, they have low expectations for Windows 7. They expect the OS to be just a slightly upgraded version of Vista. Once they find out that it isn't, they might think twice about that MacBook Pro and opt for a Windows PC instead.

9. The new thing is appealing

Apple has already released the upgrade to its operating system. And for many, it seemed like an iterative update that didn't impress. But Windows 7 is soon to be the "new" operating system on the market. It isn't a simple upgrade. That should excite users. And it should help Microsoft sell more copies of Windows 7.

10. Most are Windows converts

Although NPD didn't say this, it would seem to me that the vast majority of Mac owners that use both operating systems were Windows converts. They were disenfranchised by Windows at some point over the past few years and opted for Mac OS X. And although they might like Mac OS X, what's to say that they won't also find more value in Windows 7 and go back to Windows?

Apple might have some trouble ahead. Although it has been successful in capturing the attention of so many Windows users, Microsoft might be grabbing that attention back in just two weeks. Apple's success has been swift, but based on the NPD Group's claim that many Mac OS X users also operate Windows, it's possible that Microsoft will turn the tide with Windows 7.


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