Microsoft Must Stick Close to iIs Enterprise Roots

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-03-16 Print this article Print

5. It acquaints people with the OS

The enterprise is a great way to get users acquainted with the new operating system. If companies adopt the OS, employees will have no choice but to use it. If they like what they see, they might use a Windows Phone 7 Series device for personal use or recommend it to others. If Microsoft wants to get the word out about its OS, the enterprise is the place to do it.

6. Apple isn't targeting the enterprise

Apple is the main player in the mobile market and it's not targeting the enterprise. Microsoft can capitalize on that. Although Apple has added some enterprise-friendly features to its iPhone over the past couple years, it's still a decidedly consumer product. Apple has little desire to compete directly with RIM and so, it's leaving the lucrative enterprise market up for grabs. Microsoft can work toward infiltrating that space while Apple isn't looking.

7. Google isn't targeting the enterprise

Like Apple, Google has done little to appeal to the enterprise. The company's vendor partners have consistently developed products that target the consumer market and attempt to steal market share away from Apple. Even Google's Android updates fail to adequately appeal to enterprise desire. If Google doesn't want to target the enterprise, Microsoft can.

8. It goes beyond phones

The importance of the enterprise to Windows Phone 7 Series' success goes well beyond mobile phones. Google has done a fantastic job integrating advertising with Android, giving it the foothold it needs to control a portion of the burgeoning mobile-advertising market. Microsoft knows it. And it understands that unless it can gain significant market share, it will be Google, not Microsoft, that will generate the lion's share of advertising revenue.

9. The enterprise is Microsoft's Trojan horse

The enterprise couldn't be more important to Microsoft's bottom line. As all of its competitors (except for RIM) have their attention in another market, Microsoft can focus its time in the enterprise. By infiltrating that space, Windows Phone 7 Series devices will likely become somewhat popular in the enterprise market. At that point, Microsoft could shift its attention to consumers and enjoy a more well-rounded business strategy. Hey, it worked for Windows.

10. It can only grow so much without it

Windows Phone 7 Series won't be able to grow nearly as much as Microsoft would like without some help from the enterprise. As popular as the iPhone is, its growth could be much greater if Apple spent more time focusing on the corporate world. The consumer market is lucrative and it's certainly big. But if Windows Phone 7 Series solidifies its position as a dominant player in the mobile space, it will be due to the enterprise.

Yes, the enterprise really is that important.

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