Google Trying to Spur ISPs into Action

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-02-11 Print this article Print

5. It Sets a Precedent

By offering 1G-bps Web speeds, Google can set a precedent in the market. For once, ISPs will be required to play catch-up. Once some users start talking about the incredible speeds Google is offering them, others will be jealous. They will speak out against their own ISPs. And it might cause Comcast, Time Warner Cable and the others to finally get going on investing in infrastructure to deliver faster speeds. It might not be instant, but improvements will likely follow after Google unleashes its network.

6. The Freshness of Openness

According to its blog post, Google plans to deliver a spirit of openness with its network that users just haven't seen on the Web. Google's network will be "open access," which will allow users to choose an ISP from all those that use Google's network. For once, that openness might breed a sense of competition that seems to be lacking in the industry. ISPs are currently operating with little fear of competition. Google might be able to change that.

7. Passing Savings On

Google also plans to try out savings ideas to limit the deployment costs it will be required to pay for its network. Hopefully, that means that those savings will be passed on to the Web user. In most cases, having such a hope wouldn't make sense when discussing the telecommunications industry. But Google is different. In several cases, it has changed the industries it competes in for the better. Hopefully, it will follow suit in the telecommunications industry.

8. It Could Revolutionize the Web

If 1G-bps download speeds come to user homes, it could have a huge impact on the Internet. More advanced Web apps requiring better speeds could be offered. Larger files could make their way to the Web, making it a more preferred backup solution for any enterprise. Perhaps most importantly, it could challenge some Web developers to deliver experiences we haven't seen to this point. The Internet could be a different place after Google's network gets going.

9. Download Speeds Change Everything

Download speeds could have a profound impact on the way users interact with the tech in their homes. According to Google, users could download movies from the Internet in "less than 5 seconds." Downloading HD films from a set-top box like the Apple TV would be more amenable to users. Google's 1G-bps connection could also affect the gaming world, making it possible for games to be delivered to users' homes over the Web, rather than require physical discs. Simply put, Google's download speeds could deliver exciting new advancements that could revolutionize the industry.

10. It's Google

Let's not forget that Google is the company behind the idea to deliver 1G-bps Web speeds. If it were an ISP or an unknown company, some might be suspect. But Google has a proven track record of delivering a service that people want to use. It also has the team and technical know-how to deliver on its promises. Whether or not Google's network will be available to just a handful of people or if its plan is part of a larger-scale desire to take on ISPs is currently unknown. But if any company can revolutionize the telecommunications business, it's Google. It should be exciting to see what comes of its plans.

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