More Opportunities for Apple

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2009-10-13 Print this article Print

5. Focus on the halo effect

The halo effect is strong at Apple. Those who like the company's iPod or iPhone are buying the company's Macs. Apple should focus on that effect while ensuring that its products continue to appeal to users. The more exciting and worthwhile its products appear to be, the more viable its software will become. Apple can't lose sight of that.

6. Key in on Windows 7's problems

With the release of any new software, there will undoubtedly be issues. Apple needs to make sure that it keys in on those issues, while bringing them to the public as quickly and efficiently as possible. It's not enough to simply say that Windows 7 isn't a good operating system. Apple needs to make that case by explaining why.

7. Target consumers

Although Apple is doing better than it has in the past at attracting enterprise customers, the chances of the company actually enjoying enterprise dominance are slim. But it is possible that Apple can steal market share away from Microsoft in the consumer space. That said, it can only do so if it focuses its attention on consumers. It needs to attract them. And in the process, some of its successes in the consumer space might filter into enterprise.

8. Remember core principles

In today's tech industry, the core principles that govern Apple's ability to do so well can't be forgotten as the company attempts to capitalize on the release of Windows 7. Apple can do its part by showing that Windows 7 is the same old Windows with a different name. It can show that Apple is the only company providing a "cool, next-generation" experience to consumers. It has worked so far. There's no reason to suggest it won't continue.

9. Take on price

One of the biggest complaints many consumers and enterprise customers have is that Windows 7 is too expensive. The operating system will set users back hundreds of dollars when it hits store shelves next week. Apple offers an upgrade to Mac OS X "Snow Leopard" for just $29. Apple can use that to its advantage. And it can show potential Windows 7 buyers that Microsoft's operating system might not be worth the price.

10. Compare with PC vendors

The vast majority of Windows PCs are boring. Vendors like Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Acer simply don't provide the sexy products that have made Apple such a success. In today's marketplace, how we look matters just as much as what we're doing. Apple can use its massive marketing budget to show users that if they want to be old-school, they can stick with a Windows PC.

Undoubtedly, Apple's battle against Microsoft and Windows won't be easy. But there are opportunities for the company to capitalize on Windows 7's release.

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