Enhancing Enterprise Products

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Broadcom plans to enhance its enterprise products with enhanced security beginning next year, said Tom Lagatta, head of Broadcoms Enterprise Computing Group. The company plans to combine Trusted Platform Modules, the security chip at the heart of the industrywide "trusted computing" initiative, with Broadoms PCI Express-based Gigabit Ethernet switches, he said. Over time, all of Broadcoms NIC chips also will gain ROC (RAID-on-chip) functionality, he said. The company also has 10-Gigabit-Ethernet-over-copper projects under way, Lagatta said. In addition, Broadcom intends to boost the use of iSCSI, an IP-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities.
iSCSI initiator cards using Broadcom chips should begin shipping in the first quarter of 2005, Lagatta said; by 2006, the technology will be integrated on Broadcoms NIC chips. The company recently began shipping a hybrid Layer-2 Ethernet controller, 4-layer TCP/IP and iSCSI initiator, all integrated on the same chip.
Broadcoms switch chips, meanwhile, also will gain packet-sniffing capabilities designed to block the spread of Internet worms, said Ford Tamer, vice president of Broadcoms Networking Infrastructure Group. "What many dont realize is if you can somehow get inside a corporations hardened perimeter, security inside can be very soft," he said. IP phone OEMs also have begun to demand integrated security solutions, to prevent outsiders from snooping on corporate VOIP (voice over IP) calls, Tamer said. Security will need to be applied to both wired and wireless VOIP phones. Broadcom also intends to integrate the wired and wireless gateway into a single box, eliminating the additional management headaches an additional box requires, Tamer added. Broadcoms SecureEZSetup guards consumer WLANs. Click here to read more. Those wireless products eventually will include Broadcoms first next-generation 802.11n chips in 2006, said Robert Rango, vice president of Broadcoms Mobile & Wireless Group. In the consumer space, Broadcom plans to push its AlphaMosaic mobile graphics silicon into 3-G (third-generation) cell phones and other devices, Rango said. Although Broadcoms ServerWorks chip-set business originally was one of the companys strengths, the company played on a series of missteps by Intels own chip-set group to win business. After Intel solved the problems and began shipping its own chip sets supporting multiple processors, Broadcoms division lost business. In August 2003, Broadcom said it would develop chip sets for the AMD 64-bit Opteron platform. The company has completed so-called "A0" silicon and expects first revenue shipments to begin in either March or April, Lagatta said. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, views and analysis on servers, switches and networking protocols for the enterprise and small businesses.


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