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On the advanced effects front, Imagineer Systems introduced MoKey 3, including the first version of MoKey for Mac OS X. The company also introduced a free, downloadable version, called MoKey Learning Edition. Version 3.0 of the motion effects and traveling matte-generation software includes support for Quantel generationQ and QuickTime (on both Mac and Windows) as well as support for several optional modules, including: MoKey Stabilize for image tracking and stabilization; MoKey Grainsurgery for grain processing and effects; and MoKey Track 2D, which allows tracking information to be exported to other applications, such as After Effects or Shake. The MoKey Learning Edition (LE) is a fully functional version that leaves watermarks on resulting images. Pinnacle Systems announced Cinewave 4, a hardware board and software to provide advanced real-time effects to Final Cut Pro 4. Key features of Cinewave 4 include support for real-time capture from both SD and HD sources at industry-standard frame rates (23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30) into popular high-quality offline formats, such as PhotoJPEG and DV. It also provides real-time effects for DV; PhotoJPEG; and 8-, 10- and 16-bit uncompressed sources in the same timeline while maintaining video out.
Pinnacle said the system also offers real-time, keyframeable time remap for creating slow- and fast-motion effects, as well as Keyframeable real-time embedded moving alpha. Pinnacle added that Cinewave 4 will compliment Final Cut Pro 4s new multistream real-time effects and other new features.
Kaydara announced Motion Builder ONLINE 4.0,software that integrates real-time 3D animation with live video footage. For example, it can be used to control an animated 3D puppet in front of a live news feed. The companys demo featuring a talking 3D chicken, driven by a backstage puppeteer, drew laughs as the on-screen chicken talked to (and poked fun at) passing showgoers. An artist showed off some of the new capabilities of Alias|Wavefronts Maya 5 in ATI Technologies booth, where the animation software ran on a computer equipped with ATIs latest Radeon FireGL X1 card. Mayas new hardware renderer, combined with the high-speed 3D hardware, was able to generate broadcast-ready particle effects at impressive speeds. ATI also showed the ALL-IN-WONDER 9800 PRO, which combines the companys fastest 3D rendering engine with new TV-on-the-PC video-editing features for home theaters. The $449 card includes PVR features for recording television programs; multiple picture-in-picture capabilities; Thruview, for translucent video-file playback; and stereo audio. It uses Gemstars GuidePlus+ for a searchable directory of programming and offers analog video editing and capture at DV frame rates and resolutions, as well as component video output for connection to HDTV hardware and other high-end home theater systems.


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