IT & Network Infrastructure : Ditch Microsoft Windows In Favor of Mac OS X Lion: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-11-01 Print this article Print
It's All About Security

It's All About Security

Is Mac OS X really more secure than Windows? Some security experts say that it is, thanks to its sandboxing and other key features. Others, however, say that less trouble hits Mac OS X because fewer cyber-criminals are targeting it. In either case, theres less trouble to be had on Mac OS X. In a world where cyber-criminals are always looking for inviting targets to hit, the Macs enduring image of being less vulnerable to malware is more important than ever.
Mac OS X Lion, which launched earlier this year, finds itself in a rather odd position. The operating system, which is designed to combine all the good qualities of desktop software and mobile software, came out nearly two years after Windows 7 hit store shelves, pitting it against Microsoft's operating system at the potential height of its appeal. Meanwhile, Windows 8 is set to launch next year, which means Mac OS X Lion is in the operating system market's version of No Man's Land. And yet, Mac OS X Lion is still wildly popular. Not only are people buying Macs at an astounding rate, but even those who have older Apple computers have installed the software on their machines. What's more, people are switching to Apple computers from Windows machines at near historic levels, as the iPhone maker pointed out at a press event earlier this year, seeming to indicate that Mac OS X has its best days ahead of it. For those on the fence, it might be a good time to examine why so many people are switching and why making the move from Windows to Mac OS X might just be the best move yet. This eWEEK slide show examines why computer users are deciding that now is a good time to make the switch to Mac OS X Lion.
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