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AMD officials said the server space was the natural place to launch dual-core, since most operating systems are tuned for multiprocessors and many applications already are multithreaded. AMD officials said their dual-core design is aimed at fueling rapid adoption. The dual-core chips fit into the same space and same 95-watt power envelope as their single-core counterparts, and putting them into systems takes little more than switching out the single-core chips and updating the BIOS.
"Its a very elegant design," Seyer said.
A key hurdle will be how software makers decide to license their products in dual-core environments. Currently most vendors license their software on a per-CPU basis. Having two processing cores on a single piece of silicon muddies that model. Microsoft Corp. already has announced that it will license its Windows OS on a per-socket basis, rather than charge for each core. Linux vendors have said the same. Click here to read why eWEEK Labs doesnt see dual-core chips making huge inroads in the enterprise—yet. However, some ISVs have yet to say how they will license their software. James Mouton, vice president of platforms for HPs Industry Standard Server Group, said the issue will sort itself out over the next year, and that he expects ISVs—with pressure coming from chip and systems makers and with the top OS vendors already deciding on a per-socket basis—will follow suit. During the event, AMD CEO Hector Ruiz said the key for his company going forward is operating in an environment of "fair and open and free competition." AMD officials for years have complained about what they saw from Intel as anti-competitive business practices. AMD got a boost late last month when Intel accepted the Fair Trade Commission of Japans earlier ruling that it was using its monopoly power to hold down competition. Ruiz pushed on this issue, saying an open market is important to AMD and end users. "Without it, we would stifle innovation and youd be left with someone holding you hostage, and you dont want that," he said. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, views and analysis on servers, switches and networking protocols for the enterprise and small businesses.


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