Predictions for the Future

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Vaas: In an ideal world, everything would be equal. That would be nice.

Marcus: That would be correct. There would be no difference between running with the security technology and running without the security technology. However, weve definitely learned some lessons as to all things being equal can sometimes be a little bit different.

Vaas: OK, what about predictions for increasing security risks over the next 12 months as these new networks become more prevalent?

Marcus: I think youll end up seeing a lot more of what weve been seeing recently. Certainly, the trend has been toward data, application data and attacks toward applications, lots and lots more phishing activity, lots and lots more spam activity. But those kinds of things exist in other places through the world. So if youre luring the victim to come to the fake Web site, the 10-gig network really ultimately doesnt affect it. Maybe it allows you to get there quicker, so you may get infected or get the Trojan on your machine quicker, but I think youll end up seeing a lot of the same kinds of trends that weve been seeing now, just maybe a little bit faster. But I really dont think youll see large attacks against the infrastructure. Thats definitely not been the trend lately.

Vaas: So were just going to get infected more quickly, more efficiently. Thats good.

Marcus: Which is always a wonderful thing, right?

Vaas: I hate it when malware writers have to wait for me to get infected. Thats such a drag.

Marcus: But you know, thats really been the thing, its very much toward that trend of going after the applications data, going after the users data thats on the box.

Vaas: Interesting for me that were not looking at anything different substantially, except for more data going out quicker, more text coming quicker. Its just kind of ramped up everything that were seeing right now. Would that be fair?

Marcus: I think thats a fair estimate, when you look at the same period of time, where were hearing all this talk about Web 2.0 and all of this new interactiveness through Web sites and stuff like that. So I think their end probably lies where the next threat frontier lies, all that new dynamic data, and are they doing everything they need to enforce security of that kind of data.

Vaas: Yeah, well well be sending more people to bone up on their secure coding practices, thats for sure.

Marcus: Thats definitely something that can never be done enough. I mean security code practices, good back ends. You know, if youre encrypting the data, are you doing it correctly, all that kind of stuff.



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