IT & Network Infrastructure : IBM, Apple Top List of 10 Most Innovative IT Companies

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2011-08-05 Print this article Print
IBM, Apple Top List of 10 Most Innovative IT Companies

IBM, Apple Top List of 10 Most Innovative IT Companies

IBMIBM has a research division that is 3,000 strong. Thats 3,000 researchers all working on breaking new ground and inventing new technologies that advance not only IBMs products, but also often provide for the greater benefit of all. With a $6 billion annual R&D budget, IBM spends more on research and development than practically anybody else it tech. The company also holds more than 150,000 patents. In 2010, IBM received a record 5,896 patents. IBM also invented Watson, a supercomputer with the question-answering capabilities that allowed it to beat the top Jeopardy winners earlier this year.
IBM is the most innovative company in IT, period. The Aug. 8 issue of Forbes contains a list of what the well-heeled magazine sees as the "World's Most Innovative Companies. The print edition ranks 50 companies, and online there are an additional 50 companies ranked. What's difficult to understand is how IBM was not included on that list. In an opinion piece on, eWEEK Senior Editor Darryl K. Taft lays out his argument as to why IBM should be on any list of technology innovators. Big Blue has a legacy of invention, of blazing trails and setting direction. Its latest supercomputer, Watson, is a testament to that. But IBM is not alone in its ability to innovate. In this slide show, Taft selects his own list of the top 10 innovative companies in the IT space. IBM sits on top of this list because of its research arm, its many patents and its proven discoveries. And though 100-year-old IBM has earned a position as a mainstay in the annals of IT innovation, newcomers such as Facebook, Twitter and