IT & Network Infrastructure : Inside Intel's Chip Creation and Innovation

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2009-07-09 Print this article Print
Inside Intels Chip Creation and Innovation

Inside Intels Chip Creation and Innovation

by Jeffrey Burt
Intel is the dominant microprocessor vendor in the world, holding an almost 80 percent share of the world's chip market, according to research firm iSuppli. The company's chips run in most PCs and servers today, and in recent years—thanks in large part to Intel's intense rivalry with Advanced Micro Devices—processors have become smaller, more powerful and more feature-rich. Gone are the days when upgrading chips meant simply cranking up the clock speed. For example, now Intel, AMD and other chips makers—including Sun Microsystems and IBM—are rapidly growing the number of processing cores on each chip. Intel and AMD each have chips with six cores, and both are planning to aggressively grow those numbers in the near future. The processors also now offer such features as power management, on-board virtualization capabilities and increased memory bandwidth, all of which were highlighted in Intel's launch of its "Nehalem" architecture and AMD's rollout of its "Istanbul" Opteron chip. On its Website, Intel recently offered a high-level glimpse of what goes into the making of a CPU. Here are some of the slides from the graphics presentation, which show only the most important steps among the hundreds that are needed to build a processor. Photo credits: Intel

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