Product Benefits

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Product Benefits

Orion NPM offers several advantages to organizations adopting the product, particularly the product's ability to save time. Orion can reduce the administrative load associated with managing a network, thanks to the product's comprehensive console and extensive reports.

The product also helps improve security: A monitored network proves easier to secure and can identify unauthorized equipment or applications very quickly. Orion also is a valuable network-planning tool. Its ability to monitor and report on use, storage and traffic helps administrators better plan for network upgrades or even reassignment of equipment to where its use can be maximized.

Other advantages include faster problem resolution and centralized control. Most administrators are able to drill down to a problem very quickly and solve that problem with a few mouse clicks.

Orion NPM is also a good solution for companies that are saddled with different management products from a variety of vendors. Its extensive MIB and ability to interface with SNMP brings a vendor-neutral slant to network monitoring, helping administrators eliminate multiple proprietary management products. That leads to savings on training costs, a faster management cycle and the ability to have a comprehensive view of the network.

SolarWinds offers an array of plug-ins and add-ons, allowing administrators to increase the capabilities of Orion NPM, without introducing more complexity. Orion NPM now provides views and resources that are tailored for virtual machines, specifically VMware ESX Servers. These new views and resources give administrators immediate insight into the performance of VMware ESX Servers and the hosted virtual machines. The latest version of NPM makes it easy to create custom alerts and build reports that offer VM-specific alerts and track the performance of virtualization solutions.

Extensive reporting capabilities allow administrators to build reports for troubleshooting, as well as for upper management. ROI should be pretty easy to prove with the product by calculating the time the product can save during a typical work week, which can range from a few hours on a small network to dozens of hours on a large, complex enterprise network.

The product offers many other advantages to businesses, ranging from improving network availability to boosting network performance. For those running large heterogeneous networks, Orion NPM may very well be the must-have management tool today.


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