IT Management: 10 Tech CEOs Who Should Be Replaced Pronto

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-11-21 Print this article Print


Steve Ballmer hasnt always been the most popular CEO in the world, but its time for him to go. Microsoft is being made to look foolish in the smartphone OS market; it has no presence in tablets; and there is some concern that Windows and Office might not be the cash cows they once were after Windows 8 launches. Maybe its time for some fresh ideas at Microsoft.
If 2011 can be characterized by anything, it might just be leadership. On one hand, we've seen one of the world's greatest leaders—Steve Jobs—die after a long battle with cancer. We've also watched Google's longtime (and effective) CEO Eric Schmidt move aside to let the company's co-founder Larry Page have his day in the C-suite. However, we've also watched ill-fated CEOs come and go. Earlier this year, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and HP CEO Leo Apotheker were fired by their respective companies over complaints that their respective strategies wouldn't succeed in leading their companies out of troubled waters. HP has a new CEO in Meg Whitman; Yahoo is still looking for Bartz's replacement. Simply put, 2011 has been a year of major changes at the top of some of technology's biggest companies. But what about the future? Currently, there are a host of companies that need to make some changes at the CEO level and it's about time the boards of directors at those firms took action. If they don't, and instead decide to focus their efforts on maintaining status quo, they will be in deep trouble. Flip through the following slides to find out which companies are in desperate need of a change in leadership:
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