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By Deborah Rothberg  |  Posted 2006-06-22 Print this article Print

Database Administration at a Biometrics Lab Kathy Pham, a senior pre-med student at Georgia Tech, is interning this summer at the Bioinformatics Lab at Georgia Tech. Her internship works well for her because shes chosen databases as her focus within her computer science major.
"The lab works a lot with microray and gene analysis. We sequence it, database it and analyze it. I deal with the database side of things, the back end of the work they do trying to find irregularities in microrays. I make it so they can easily access their information," Pham told eWEEK.
Phams favorite part about her summer work, she says, is getting to apply her computer knowledge in an innovative way. "Its nice to be able to see what else I can do with my computer science degree, to apply it in a non-typical CS environment. It goes against that image of the CS graduate sitting in a cube all day coding or being the IT guy who fixes the companys computers," said Pham. But for Pham, her summer work relates also to the larger issues IT workers face today. "One of the big concerns I hear about from recruiters is that the rate of students majoring in computer science is dropping because of fears of outsourcing. But the thing is, these jobs that are being outsourced are for the most part low-level jobs. "Im working in a biomedical field and helping with cancer research; its important that people know that theres so much more out there that you can do with your degree." Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on IT management from


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