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By Deborah Rothberg  |  Posted 2006-09-21 Print this article Print

-Term Plan"> 1. Lacking a long-term plan "Fix this. Its broken," is one of the most commonly spoken interactions between business and IT units of an organization, and by many accounts, the first place communication breaks down.
"One of the reasons there is distrust between the two groups is a result of tone. Just fix it, people will say. The tone of it and the general imperative nature says I dont really care about this. I just want you to fix it. It implies a basic disrespect of the actual operation, to not care enough to understand why something is broken. Theres a difference in the curiosity and follow-through of business and IT guys," said Bates.
This is also a source of aggravation for many a techies, who are then handed the burden of finding a badly-defined solution. "Part of the problem people have is that theyre not really sure where they want to go. They know something hurts, but not enough time is spent on what not hurting would look like. Theyre focused specifically on fixing a pain. That articulation of the end state helps people step back and break down the work you need to do to achieve that goal. … Most projects fail because there isnt that clear understanding," said Kathleen Barret, consulting manager for the Requirements Management/Business Analysis Center of Competency within BMO Financial Group and president of the International Institute of Business Analysis. This lack of a long-term vision of an IT solution leads to many disappointing outcomes. "Both sides of the house assume theyre experts at what theyre doing. Build me a house, a business person will say, and the IT side will say they can have it ready the next day. But what they got was a lean-to and not a castle, because they werent able to articulate what it was that they wanted," said Glenn Brûlé client solutions executive for ESI and a member of the board of directors for the IIBA (International Institute for Business Analysis). Next Page: Rushing projects.


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