Get Closer to the Money, Virtualize and Add Business Skills

By Deb Perelman  |  Posted 2008-05-22 Print this article Print

4. Get a Virtualization Project Under Your Belt

The IT job board Dice told eWEEK that it has seen listings for jobs that required knowledge of virtualization technologies, specifically VMware, jump 40 percent in the last six months.

"Companies are realizing that there are significant cost-savings associated with virtualization as well as the ability to 'green' their data centers, as virtualized servers require less resources to run more quickly and cleanly," Tom Silver, senior vice president of marketing and customer support at Dice, told eWEEK. "A programmer who is interested in learning more skills and helping to improve efficiencies would be great for a job like this."

5. Buff Up Your Business Skills

Lanzalotto feels that business experience is central to improving the salary of an IT professional.

"Step out of the tech role and get to the business side of the company and get some practice with them. There's a wall between the groups and never between do they meet, but they need to. Remember that the best CIOs are not technology guys alone, but business guys [who] have worked on both sides of the fence," said Lanzalotto.

6. Get Open Source Product Development Experience

Kirven says because times have changed, CIOs are no longer risking their jobs by taking on MySQL and other open-source technologies. In fact, the business folks usually like it because of their potential to save the company money.

"There's a major shortage of talented open-source developers. We have as many as 40 companies across the U.S.--especially in New York, with its new media boom--that are trying to build community-based projects and incorporate social networking into their offerings. People who retool their careers from the older technologies to open source really open up opportunities for themselves," said Kirven.

7. Get Closer to that Which Make Your Company Richer

Professionals who work for large banking or financial institutions already know that the closer you are to the money, the more important your job is to the company. The same can go for IT professionals, and those that are involved in projects that make the company richer, or save it money, are rarely overlooked.

"Get more involved with the customers by getting involved in projects that generate revenues. Companies will pay a premium for people who have experience holding key operational roles on projects like this," said Lanzalotto.


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