Changes Inside Lockheed

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Changes Inside Lockheed

Grosson wasnt nuts, but enormous sustainment contracts werent going to be that easy to land, either.

Lockheed Martin, like the military, wasnt set up to share logistics and maintenance arrangements among various groups.
To bridge those gaps, Grosson helped create an Enterprise Logistics Business Office, or ELBO, whose responsibility was to create a de facto horizontal--logistics capability coordinating activity between each of the business groups.

In addition to Grosson and a series of corporate-level strategic planners, the group includes a dozen representatives from various business units.

"What makes it operate is that it is a collaboration among a few people who are corporate-funded and business reps from areas who can take the plans we dream up and drive them into their plans," Grosson said.

ELBO put together databases that centralized requirements of different DOD contracts to identify patterns of work and potential new-business opportunities.

A new Enterprise Logistics Technology Office, or ELTO, assists the effort by developing new processes, recruiting and training logistics specialists, and developing IT tools such as product-usage-predicting algorithms, sensors that can report impending failures in existing weapons systems and other support-automation technology.

Most important for growth in the logistics business is the consolidation of training and recruiting of new talent. "If we are going to double our business in three or four years, and we have 15,000-or-so logistics specialists already, what will we need in three years?" Grosson said.

Grossons team surveyed company training programs and found there were between 80 and 90 logistics training courses, with little or no coordination among them.

"We also surveyed all the colleges and institutions that have programs that support logistics," Grosson said. "We are coordinating with them and are aggressively trying to put in our own Logistics Educational Institute so we can identify where [future logistics specialists] need to go.

"Were also working on an engineering process improvement center, a best-practices place, as well as a logistics sustainment council and a facility where were building training guides for a lot of people," Grosson said.

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