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E-Synergy provides 500 "function points" out of the box to help companies granularly provide user rights to reports and various applications, but PADI so far has not leveraged this capability. "We have four levels of rights—staff, manager, director and VP level—but have not taken advantage of them yet," said Dill. "So far, everything weve implemented has been at the lowest level of security."

About 100 PADI employees now use the e-Synergy system, and Dill said she expects that number to grow to 400 within one year.

Dills group provides 2 hours of hands-on e-Synergy training as an introduction. She said people tend to get up and running relatively quickly. "Because its browser-based, its pretty intuitive," she said.

But one of the challenges of any CRM application is getting people to abandon their old—and usually closely guarded—ways and use it. Dill is overcoming this challenge by tapping early and eager adopters, who act as champions of the system.

"What we found is a bell-shaped curve," said Dill: "Early adopters who say, This is great—we can do this and this and this with the system. And then you have the ones who say, Yeah, this could work, and then you have the ones who say they have their Excel spreadsheets and arent about to give them up."

Dill has identified an e-Synergy champion from every PADI department and meets weekly with them to discuss tips and tricks and ways the system can be further exploited.

Dill said that the most complicated thing about e-Synergy is deciding how to use it. "Its such a simple product to use, but in terms of all the things you can do with it, its kind of overwhelming," she said.

Within 18 to 24 months, Dill plans to replace the existing company intranet and customer extranet with e-Synergy and get all 100,000 individual members and 4,800 dive centers and resorts on the system. To do this, she plans to increase the number of servers running e-Synergy and add an external IIS server.

Security is easy right now, Dill said, because e-Synergy is running in just one office. As e-Synergy is deployed more widely across PADI offices, the system will be secured with virtual private networks and firewalls.

Dill expects the return on e-Synergy to be greater as more people start using it. "One challenge I had was that only half of my employees were on it," she said. "They had to contend with a number of applications. E-Synergy can replace all that, streamlining everything into fewer places to look."

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