Paolo Gaudiano Brings Science to Business Complexity

By Eric Lundquist  |  Posted 2010-11-02 Email

In this news interview, Eric Lundquist, Vice President of Strategic Content for Ziff Davis Enterprise, catches up with Paolo Gaudiano at the Business Complexity and Global Leader Conference at Suffolk University. As President and Chief Technology Officer of Icosystem, Gaudiano's interdisciplinary background and entrepreneurial skills come together in his role overseeing Icosystem's technology, operations and business development. Before joining Icosystem in 2001, Paolo was Chief Scientific Officer at Artificial Life, a company that applied natural language processing and autonomous agent technology to a variety of Internet usage and navigation problems. He began his career at Boston University, where he was a tenured associate professor specializing in the application of neural networks to the control of mobile robots and in the study of biological and machine vision and where he received several prestigious awards, including a Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research and a Sloan Fellowship in Neuroscience. In this video interview, Gaudiano explains his role: "Applying scientific principles to real-world problems. Solving complex problems through a variety of scientific approaches, including neural networks, swarm intelligence, agent-based modeling, and evolutionary computing."

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