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Your article about a lobbying group for IT really struck a chord with me and everyone else in IT thats paying attention. The problem right now in a nutshell is that the politicians dont represent the people, they do the things that will generate them the most cash for their next re-election bid. It seems likely that the big companies that are shipping jobs overseas (i.e., IBM, HP, Bank of America, etc.), are also donating generously to various politicians to stay out of the issue. Money talks. Same thing with H1-B.
The IT community needs to seriously unite as a lobbying group and present a formidable opposing force to these larger companies that are only concerned about the moving their stock price up in this subdued economy.
Would this benefit me? You bet. I have a job that could be shipped overseas. Would this also benefit the economy? You bet. Who do these corporations think will buy their goods and services if everyone has a job that includes the phrase, "Do you want fries with that order?" This effort to pump up stock prices is shortsighted. They are trading immediate gratification for long term prosperity. If the larger companies wont care about this, the politicians definitely should. Its a shame their view is obscured with lots of cash. An IT lobbying group would provide the needed counterbalance to this problem. Thanks,


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