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Jim, I enjoyed your article on IT needing a voice in politics. I have been looking for this for quite some time. I am interested not just for IT, but all technology professionals still left in the US. The most recent eWeek issue also noted that Electrical Engineering unemployment went to 7 percent! You have no idea how disturbing that is. As a electro-mechanical engineer for 20 years (now lost in the CAD world), I have watched millions of manufacturing jobs disappear, but I always figured the real high-tech was secure (its only the technology that makes our military powerful). Now even the electrical/electronic/computer science field is being bled off, outsourced, etc.. It is amazing to see how bad "raw capitalism" can become. When Ciscos employees said that stock options were to be expensed, Chambers said he would send all the tech work overseas. What a great American he is!
The solution is as simple as you alluded to. We need NERDPAC, and we need it now. I would pay $100 easily to join. I would be glad to volunteer for it. And the agenda can be totally simple to start: end absolutely all guest tech worker programs or all the programmers/engineers/technicians are going to stay home. What would the country do?
I would like to think things would change quickly when nobody has access to our skills, but only the popular media can really put the pressure on Washington, and this media feeds off of the corporations that send everything to China now. Imagine if nothing said Made in China; WalMart would disappear, and we know that cant happen. Of course, the Pentagon already has people in it that are planning for China as the real adversary, so there must be people in the Pentagon that are not happy at all about moving our industrial base there. I wonder if a magazine like eWeek could get to those people at the Pentagon and find out what they think? I wonder if a magazine like eWEEK could go undercover and expose what life is really like for the Chinese tech people (with no rule of law, trial by jury, multi-party voting, EPA, OSHA, EEOC, intellectual property rights)? Keep up the good reporting. Thanks,
Stephen J. Schoonmaker


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