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Papadopoulos: There are about two dozen people that have worked in a couple programs hed been working on and there are some facilities in Aspen and some stuff up in San Francisco that hes been working on that gets assimilated into basically the CTO organization in terms of Sun Labs—the labs and advanced development, and engineering and the Java Community Process, all that stuff has historically reported into me. So this is for me, maybe a 10 percent increase in the advanced development resources in my organization. And Ive been sort of virtually doing that in any case because over the last few years Ive been funding that work and the people are dotted lined into me just from a management perspective.
Hes not the sort of person you replace. His responsibilities are really easy to assign, but you cant replace him as a person in the sense of, and I wouldnt pretend to.
Just like I wouldnt pretend to go and replace James Gosling or Rob Gingell or Ivan Sutherland. These are folks that are just greats in their fields. eWEEK: Well, several people have said that with Bill Joy gone the vision is gone from Sun. How do you respond to that? Papadopoulos: If you think that Sun doesnt have a vision now, criticize me, not his departure. eWEEK: What do you perceive your role to be as CTO of Sun?

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