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. Be Business-Savvy "> 4. Youve Got to Be Business-Savvy Its imperative that a contract or independent worker understand ITs role within an organization, even more so than if they still worked in a traditional IT department, away from the center stage of an organization. In many cases, this buffer zone allows the stereotypical IT professional to have an attitude toward nontechies. "A lot of IT people have the stupid users attitude," said Moran. "You run into people who frustrate you because they dont use things properly. Well, your mechanic feels the same about you, and you probably dont feel the need to learn your engines parts so he wont speak down to you. Their job is not in technology."
This wont float in the consultant role. In preparation for any foray into consulting, Moran encourages people to get as much experience as they can in understanding the way businesses operate.
"Very often, IT is in this ivory tower buffer zone. If all youre receiving are change requests, youre not immersed in other departments. This departmental immersion allows you to begin to learn how a business operates and how to work around missing features or bad design," he said. "If youve never had that immersion with the people using your product, you very well might have to take a business class. Technologists must learn to speak business." Although Moran views the IT role as primarily business-supporting, he believes insightful technologists will find ways to leverage this to their advantage. "Understand your role in the organization and that it really is a business-supporting role. On the other hand, youre in the unique position to impact positively in the company, to be their hero. You could be the person who makes all their troubles go away," said Moran. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on IT management from CIOInsight.com.


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