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By Deb Perelman  |  Posted 2008-04-10 Print this article Print

Others suggest that many of the technology outreach programs that target girls don't get started until their attentions have already turned away.

"By the time they get to high school, there's already a perception that math and especially computer science is a guy's thing," Block said.

Furthermore, programs that reach out to girls in high school may have already lost their chance to convince girls that working with technology can be cool. "Some studies have shown that as soon as girls turn 12-and maybe now it is even younger-they're so into their social image and being liked by boys that they dumb themselves down so not to be seen as a geek," Yusupova said.

Lucy Sanders, CEO of NCWIT, a coalition which works to increase women's participation in IT, finds fault with the U.S. education system for not getting more girls interested in technology at a young age.

"We really don't teach high school computing in this country. If it's taught, it's more as computer literacy. It's not taught as a science; there's no focus on critical thinking. It's almost always an elective," Sanders told eWEEK.


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