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At E-Trade, how large is the community of developers, and how do you manage them? Are there mailing lists, etc.?
Yes, theres an architectural review process and an engineering deployment process. Theres a system engineering practice that defines the packages that make up an application stack, and its a process that were going to tool up to look more like what were learning from the way open-source teams work on it.
You were talking earlier about Solaris. I kept thinking about what Suns been doing with open source—OpenSolaris, talking about making Java Enterprise System open source. Whats your take on all of this? Its great. Have you done any testing of Solaris 10 on the sort of hardware on which youre running Linux? No. Right now, were concentrating on whats running in production, and making that better, and trying to match our change rate to what were seeing as the upstream change rate hitting us. Thats pretty much the thing were studying the most right now, which is so far away from an operating system. So youre happy with what Red Hat is doing for you, and focusing more on your own application? Yes, and the numbers are just phenomenal. We have a lot of internal metrics on our technology—we review them all the time. And all those metrics are very, very good. And the external measurements—we won all the Keynote awards, for both banking and brokerage technology, in the last two years, and were very, very pleased with that. Your technology is obviously a very big differentiator, but are there any parts of your internal stack that might be a fit to open source, to tap into the forces that are building your foundational software. Do you ever think of that? Every day. Weve benefited in so many ways from what community processes have taught us, and I think its just natural that there might be something that we do that the open-source community may be interested in. Im actually talking with OSDL [Open Source Development Labs] about just such an idea. … Weve been a consumer, not a producer. What if E-Trade became a producer? What would that look like? Weve been asking for some help on ideas like that. Next Page: Opening components.


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