Whats Ahead for SCO

By Mark Hachman  |  Posted 2003-08-14 Print this article Print

For SCOs fiscal fourth quarter, ending Oct. 31, SCO expects to record revenue in the range of $22 million to $25 million, based in part on new licensees for the SCO code, executives said. The company expects revenue from the companys "heritage" products will remain roughly level over the next few quarters, said Robert Bench, SCOs chief financial officer, on the call. McBride contended that the Linux camp had shifted its position from one where they admitted no wrongdoing, to one where the Linux community was more willing simply to remove the offending code. "The point is that we have had code misappropriated, and we do need to get compensation for that, and its not just as simple as getting code and moving on," he said. "So as we move forward, we expect to gain support for our position, and our credibility will rise as we go forward."
McBride also argued that he believed most software companies actually supported SCOs position. "I believe the silent majority is actually behind SCO in this case," he said. "If you take any company that has IP, they will want to protect it—they want to be behind SCO in this case because theyll be able to monetize the software that theyve developed over the years."
Basing a company on the GPL, conversely, is like building a company on "quicksand" McBride added. "We think one of the big problems with the GPL is that in it you see in big bold letters, You get no warranties for use of this license," he said. "You got this product for free; dont expect any warranties for it." Although Wall Street has noticed that some SCO executives have begun to sell off shares of their stock, McBride, a SCO shareholder since 2000, said he had not sold a single share of stock, and had no plans to do so.


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