Visual Studio Meets Java

By Steve Gillmor  |  Posted 2004-04-19 Print this article Print

Studio"> Many analysts have focused on Visual Studio as potentially being enhanced to work across both .Net and Java. Do you see Java Studio Creator being similarly impacted?
We certainly hope and aspire to build better interoperability between Visual Studio and Java Studio Creator, and theres a common philosophy to how you build service-oriented applications delivered through both of those technologies. The delivery of byte codes that run on an equivalent of a virtual machine is common to both. Theres ample opportunity for us to collaborate there as well as realistically develop the others developer bases.
We both believe that Java Studio Creator is a perfect range of platform for developers who are comfortable with the Visual Studio style of developing applications—who may have been otherwise intimidating by enterprise Java—and it certainly brings it down to an audience that allows us to begin migrating out to an increasingly large market opportunity. Again, interoperability is about growing the overall market and not just picking off one anothers customers. But you can already use Web services to interoperate. Whats the secret sauce here? You can use Web services to interoperate, but the problem has been that you need a PhD to figure it out. For the most part, the vast market wants a visual development tool that allows them to get access to the same technologies without having an advanced degree. To suggest that Web services are easy for everyone—Im sorry, I dont buy that. There are probably 10 million developers in the world, and of those, theres a very, very small fraction that are Web services developers. The majority of people who are content creators are people who carry around digital cameras and these devices for a networked world. You can move up from there to people who create static content—more complicated documents and spreadsheets—and establishing what were going after with the StarOffice world. But as soon as you get into more interactive content like Visual Basic, or StarBasic for that matter, you begin adding complexity that oftentimes excludes people from being able to get their jobs done. So, with interoperability and a focus on ease of use, were trying to use both StarOffice as well as Java Studio Creator to create a broader market opportunity and add interoperability to that mix. Its about growing the largest market possible, trying to help build the biggest tent atop all the developers in the world rather than forcing people to go make choices that may preclude their opportunities. Next page: Auto-update and the real-time platform.

Steve Gillmor is editor of's Messaging & Collaboration Center. As a principal reviewer at Byte magazine, Gillmor covered areas including Visual Basic, NT open systems, Lotus Notes and other collaborative software systems. After stints as a contributing editor at InformationWeek Labs, editor in chief at Enterprise Development Magazine, editor in chief and editorial director at XML and Java Pro Magazines, he joined InfoWorld as test center director and columnist.

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