The Verdict on Xandros

By Jim Lynch  |  Posted 2004-12-09 Print this article Print

Were very pleased with this version of Xandros. Theres quite a bit of value here for anyone and we feel very comfortable recommending it to anyone who wants to move off of Windows and onto Linux. Its stable, easy to use, and comes with a good range of applications. Laptop wireless problem aside, in terms of ease of use, we think that Xandros has set a new standard for Linux distributions. We cant wait to see what version 4 of Xandros will look like...
Product: Xandros Desktop OS 3 Deluxe Edition
Pros Includes VPN & Firewall wizards; good file manager; easy to install and use; comes with CrossOver Office 4.1 so it can run some Windows applications.
Cons: Could use more software included as part of the default installation; Firefox should be the default browser; no Gnome; problems with our laptops wireless card.
Summary: Excellent alternative to Windows; one of the best Linux distributions around and one of the easiest to use; highly recommended for users new to Linux.
Price: Deluxe Edition $89.95; Standard Edition $49.95; Open Circulation Edition is free.

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