Cemaphore CEO Weighs in on Failed Google Synch

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2009-06-17 Print this article Print

There is some disagreement between whether uninstalling the synch tool will work or not. Balasubramanian said no; Vander Mey says users can uninstall Google Apps Synch if they want to re-enable Windows Desktop Search for their Outlook data files.

A Google spokesperson told eWEEK that uninstalling the synch tool will definitely work. "If you uninstall it, Windows Desktop Search will begin to work," the spokesperson affirmed, adding that native Outlook search is unaffected by the bug.

There are more compatibility issues afoot. Vander Mey added that the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, Acrobat PDF Maker Toolbar and Outlook Change Notifier plug-ins also will not work unless Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook is uninstalled.

Balasubramanian explained that when a user has the Outlook Connector installed and installs the Google Apps Sync plug-in, the next time Outlook is started an error message comes up stating that "some functionality will be disabled".

Google and Microsoft are working together to fix these issues, but whether users will have the patience for this is another issue.

Tyrone Pike, CEO of Cemaphore Systems, whose MailShadow Desktop Edition synchronizes users' e-mail, calendar, and contact data bi-directionally in real time between different Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and other e-mail programs, told eWEEK that he isn't surprised by Google's snags.

Pike, who works with Google to improve his company's synchronization tools, said he thinks Google believed establishing interoperability between Google and Microsoft would be a snap. One thing that Cemaphore's programmers have learned is that clean Outlook plug-ins are extremely challenging to build. Pike explained: 

There has never been defined a model in which there can be coexistence between Outlook plug-ins. If you hook various resources, the assumption is that you're the only one hooking those resources. When Google went about deciding to build this Glook [Pike's name for it], they were 100 percent sure that MAPI-based Outlook programming was easy.

It turned out not to be, Pike said, noting that the Google would need a huge staff of programmers doing regression testing against the 100-plus Outlook plug-ins.

"There's inevitably some sort of interoperability challenges we're trying to work through for additional features with plug-ins and the like," the Google spokesperson said. "We're working on that with Microsoft and other partners."

In the meantime, eWEEK will continue to track the Google Apps Synch for Microsoft Outlook development. More on TechMeme here.


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