AppJet Sellout the Latest in Googles Shopping Spree

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2009-12-05 Print this article Print

AppJet is also letting Free Edition users export their pad data through the "Import/Export" tab at the top of the pad page. Professional Edition users can export their pads as one ZIP file archive through a "Download all pads" link at the bottom of the pad list after signing in to their account.

Private Network Edition customers can continue to use the version of the product that they have downloaded, and AppJet will continue to offer support and maintenance services through the current term of any existing support and maintenance contracts. No existing contracts will be renewed.

While these may seem like reasonable terms for a company that has sold out, EtherPad users are angry and Graham's explanation of why AppJet quit is unlikely to appease them. Dwsm wrote:

"As a teacher heavily involved in staff training I am completely gutted by this decision. I had been winning hearts and minds re integrating web 2.0 technologies into classroom practice and etherpad was one of the most popular tools amongst my colleagues. Google wave is not an option in the classroom (at least not in it's current manifestation). Looks like we will have to give a go. Such a shame."

ReadWriteWeb was duly sickened by the move, which is quickly becoming par for the course in Silicon Valley:

"They didn't even pretend to be sorry about closing the service. They didn't thank any community of users for help along the way. They just said the deal is done, here's what's happening to the money you paid, now get out."

But perhaps the high-tech world should have seen this coming. AppJet COO Daniel Clemens peppered Wave with backhanded compliments in a blog post one week after Google unveiled Wave at Google I/O, noting among other things that Wave is a lot to handle and that not every real-time collaboration user will want to work in the public cloud. Clemens added:

"We think that Wave's additions are neat and could imagine an EtherPad/Wave integration being quite powerful for certain use cases. However, when it comes to the kind of written work that most knowledge workers need to produce, we think that less is more. ... We will be looking into the Wave platform with great interest. Interoperability with Wave is a possibility, if it fits with our mission of providing the best user experience we can."

If you can't beat them, get bought by them?

Meanwhile, Google's acquisition spree continues unabated. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said during Google's third-quarter earnings call Oct. 15 that Google would acquire one company per month.

AppJet was Google's sixth purchase of 2009 and fourth in the last month. Those include from most recent to oldest: AppJet, ad specialist Teracent, softphone maker Gizmo5, mobile display ad power AdMob, Web ID provider ReCaptcha and video compression ace On2 Technologies.

When Schmidt said the worst of the recession was over, for Google, he wasn't kidding.


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