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-Mail and Security"> What are you doing on the e-mail security front? Microsoft has made a couple acquisitions recently in that space, and I know youre doing a lot of work in the Hawthorne labs around spam, but youre also working with partners. Will we see more coming from the labs or via partners? We do both. We still have a very strong partner network, and we still value that partner network very much. We think its part of the ecosystem that is Notes, and we think our customers value those partners very much. So we want to continue to evolve that network and nurture those partners. But we are going to work on the security in all of our products … we recognize the market share and the openness of the market and make sure our products integrate with more than one platform, something that is different from what were doing from Microsoft. And will we see some of the e-mail security work, such as around spam, from the IBM labs trickle into future products?
Yes, there is a technology called SpamGuru, and the easiest way to explain that technology is that it is an orchestrator. It orchestrates different formulas for dealing with spam, and it kind of balances them. Some of that technology is in our Workplace messaging capabilities today, so, yes, more of that work will filter its way into the products.
How do you view Google, friend or foe? Google is an interesting phenomenon. Its an advertising company, an advertising company that made money because it had a good search engine. So its an advertising company based on a technology, which is a very interesting model in and of itself, and theyre using the capital theyre accumulating with that to branch into new areas. Its really a fascinating area to watch from an innovation viewpoint because theyre coming out with a lot of cool stuff. But that cool stuff isnt really new business models yet. Its really cool stuff funded by capital theyve built up through their core business, so Im not sure where its going to end up yet. We recently announced integration with Notes and Google on the desktop, and its a great capability. I have it on my desktop. It allows me to find stuff, thats what Googles always been good at. Do I view them as a competitor today in my business? Do I view them as a future possible competitor? Probably, depending on where they decide to go. Check out eWEEK.coms for more on IM and other collaboration technologies.


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