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Goyal: In fact, its not only attracting new customers, its re-energizing our base. So we are getting customers who are very interested in coming from the Web angle and customers who were in the client-server domain wanting to move to the Web world. They are leveraging the capabilities to get there. I will be talking about net gain in customers at Lotusphere. We are gaining significant new customers not only in small to medium businesses but in the Fortune 1000 companies as well. eWEEK: How many customers do you have now on Workplace? Goyal: We dont know really because the quarter is not done yet. We have overall No. 1 share in the marketplace in both integrated collaborative environments as well as portal capabilities as well as business instant messaging and e-learning solutions. Our key play is how do we leverage our presence and our customers interest in open infrastructures to gain more customers. And I think we will achieve that this year.
eWEEK: There are so many collaboration companies out there today, many as you well know were started by former Lotus employees. Why should people still turn to Lotus for collaboration?
Goyal: First of all, customers look for three things. They look for long-term innovation. Innovation in how people work. Innovation in how organizations produce more. Innovation in just base interesting technologies. People are looking for that. Second is whatever collaborative solutions that they choose, they want a reliable and secure infrastructure so the organizations can depend on it. Not point products but infrastructure which delivers all collaborative capabilities as they need it. We focus on total cost of ownership, thats why continuously we win. People focus on the security, reliability, manageability and the cost of deploying collaborative solutions. And the third and most important [factor], every innovation and TCO that we do is about business value. [Customers] are looking for not only team-oriented collaboration, but how do I take a business problem—I have distributed resources across the globe—how do I solve that problem, how do I get them to collaborate. Or Im doing claims processing, how do I get collaboration in context of claims processing or designing a system or doing sales or doing supply chain event management or first event responding. Or even simple things like auditing and control. These are all people oriented business problems that people want to respond to in real-time so they can be far more on-demand than they have been in the past. And Lotuss focus in everything that we do is … business value. So yes, we work on cool technologies. But business value and total cost of ownership with key innovation is the key play. eWEEK: You come from the application development world yourself. How will Domino developers benefit from the work being done at the Rational group, specifically the announcement [last month] of the IBM Software Development Platform?


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