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Goyal: I think there is a developer world and then there is a new class of builder world that is coming in…The next step is builder world. The builder world is by drag and drop you can create a people-oriented workflow that integrates with a business process so you can do a better job of doing any of these business processes that I talked about which are people-oriented. Our focus is leverage that Domino developer community and get them into the builder world because they can write applications and business processes much faster. So we are driving to that. There will be a Workplace Builder that we will announce at Lotusphere. There is a Portal Builder already so people can build portals very easily. Theres a class of builder that is coming in so more and more people-oriented processes can be automated. … Its our objective that anyone whos trying to create a dynamic workplace can build their own. How do we take it from 7 to 8 million developers to 100 million builders is the direction that we are headed. eWEEK: Some Domino developers have been talking to me about a sea change theyve noticed at IBM in the last few months where Notes was once considered legacy and now is the centerpiece of the Workplace and Portal rollout strategy. From your perspective was there a change in IBMs thinking about Notes and if so, why?
Goyal: I think we have been consistently saying that there are a different class of programmers, developers and builders in the marketplace and we will support [them all]. There has been a paranoia in the market that we might abandon the people who really love Notes and my answer to them was there are a 100 million users of Notes and millions of developers. It will be foolish for us to abandon that.
But as people have seen more products, more capabilities coming out, they truly understand that we continue to focus on Notes-like capabilities of ease of building as well as server-side capabilities of ease of developing and building. I think its just the paranoia is starting to come down rather than any change of strategy. eWEEK: So from your perspective then Notes and Domino always was part of the future path and not just something to be migrated from? Goyal: I think what we are trying to do is to make sure that people who build Notes applications or Domino applications have a way of delivering the capability of that particular business process to more than just Notes users. How do I get a quality assurance process that is written on Domino in another company, not only being delivered to Notes but to a browser and to a handheld device and to any other environment. So what we are doing is by providing more of the builder tools and more of the developer tools by embedding portals inside Domino and new Eclipse based client technologies into Notes, we are increasing the power and reach of what people have done on capturing business processes in Domino and in Notes. Im not the rip and replace kind of a person. In fact, open standards like WSRP, XML, Web Services extend the reach of what people used to do…Its about open standards, and about extending the reach and thats what we are trying to get done with Domino and Notes. eWEEK: I dont see quite the anger from the Domino community that we saw at Lotusphere two years ago but at the same time there still seems to be a little bit of angst out there that people think their Domino skills arent going to be worth anything in a few more years and theyre going to have to go to Java or .Net. Theyre a little bit resentful of that because everybody tells me that nothing is better than the Domino RAD environment… Goyal: I agree with you, there exists nothing better than the Domino RAD environment. And we will continue to enhance and support that. We will continue to improve its capabilities. And for those customers who do choose to leverage our other tools, we will integrate those tools whether they are J2EE tools or the new builder tools with the existing Domino environment. No rip and replace, continued improvement. eWEEK: But do you recommend to these Domino developers that they embrace these new skillsets and technologies?


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