Stylish All-in-One Charger Reduces Travel Weight

By Jim Louderback  |  Posted 2003-07-21 Print this article Print

The new iGo Juice gives traveling executives a single replacement charger for notebooks, cell phones, and PDAs.

Ive tried a hundred different gewgaws that promise to make business travel easier, from those silly inflatable neck pillows, to noise-canceling headphones that fail after 3 trips. And most things designed to simplify computing on the road just dont work or are too flimsy or bulky.

Stylish All-in-One Charger Reduces Travel Weight So when a friend told me about iGos latest all-in-one charger, the Juice, I was skeptical. Ive used a few such contraptions, and for the most part, they were hard to set up, ran really hot, and didnt support the devices I use. According to iGo, its product supports every type of device you carry regularly including cell phones, PDAs, and notebooks.

Regular readers probably know this, but Im not a normal kind of guy. For example, I dont carry a PDA. From my perspective, the old HP 200LX was simply the best PDA ever made, and once it was phased out—and couldnt support my regular applications—I kicked the habit. Instead, Ive been carrying two notebooks (in case one fails)—a lightweight IBM X20 and a featherweight Sharp Actius MM10.

For the whole story, check out the PC Magazine article.
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