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. Intel"> Last year when you announced Gateway would no longer use AMD [Advanced Micro Devices Inc.] chips in systems, AMDs CEO Hector de Ruiz told me that Intel [Corp.] had pressured you into taking such a stand. He said, "If you were to talk to Ted Waitt at Gateway and ask him, Whyd you do that? and if hed really tell you why, its a question of him being bribed to do it. … Now … a company has to listen to huge amounts of money." How do you respond? I think "bribe" is a strong word. The word "bribe" is not the technically correct word. And thats the core, the word I disagree with there.
Now … Intel will tell you that the best thing to ever happen to Intel was AMD. They keep Intel on their toes. Intel is a better company because AMD is around. And I think the world needs AMD to be strong. Ive always had a soft spot in my heart for AMD. I have a close personal relationship with [AMD founder and Chairman] Jerry Sanders. Hes a great man whos fought a valiant battle over years. And that whole things going to go on in cycles, they miss a product cycle here, they hit one here. They beat Intel here, they fall behind here. [AMD] missed a huge opportunity with the Hammer product that they missed. They had a window, and they didnt hit the product in time. That was a big problem for them.
So now AMD has the 64-bit architecture with the 32-bit backward compatibility. Do you have customers asking for this yet? Not a lot asking for it, but it was a big opportunity for them if theyd come out earlier with it. If they came out earlier. Yeah. So customers arent beating down your doors asking for it, at least it hasnt reached the point where youd reconsider? No, no. But if theres a way we can create demand for their products and it would benefit the financials of the whole business wed do it. We got a great relationship with Intel, but last I checked, theyre not a shareholder. Does that mean theres a possibility youd start using AMD products at some point? If they got a better product at a better price and we think we could offer better value to our customer whenever approached, were not going to shut the door on them. Things move in cycles between AMD and Intel. Weve got great relations but not any plans to do anything with AMD, but we dont have any plans to not do anything. Next page: The status of the Gateway grid.


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