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Whats the status of the Gateway Processing on Demand, the Gateway grid? Is it more large customers than smaller ones? Its more, not necessarily large customers. Its customers with very specific applications. Customers that are interested in more biotech type companies, that have small processor-intensive type applications.
So its living up to your expectations?
Yeah, I think so. We put the network in place; it was not that expensive. We had all the PCs already. We used the PCs in the stores and elsewhere and off-time demand with those products to build this network. Im wondering how much revenue youre able to drive from this. Not a lot. But its something. But not a lot. It was more of a, I dont want to call it a test, thats not the right word. … This is really supplemental computing right now. [It will get] interesting when it really gets into the ERP applications and the core applications of a business. It could be used for smaller companies for supplemental power. Youre reinventing the company you started in 1985. Where do you see Gateway in 10 years, and where do you see you in 10 years? Good question. Ive always kind of separated myself from Gateway, so I dont know. Ill cross that bridge when I come to it. I see … Weve really built a business that is much more sustainable from where it is. Weve totally transformed the whole business. We have a much more diversified product line. The companys gone through some tough times over the last few years. But we reinvented the business. I feel like its a new Gateway. Gateways going to be a much broader diversified business 10 years from now. And Ill still be its largest shareholder. Whether Im the CEO who runs the business everyday or not, I dont know about that. I committed to five years when I came back, Im three years into it now. So youre not making any decisions yet. I dont make any—I take it one day at a time. Im having fun. Im enjoying doing what Im doing. I gotta do something. Im not going to sit on the beach or anything. Well youre close to it [in Poway]. Im close to it, but I did that for a year! See where it got me? It got me here—sitting in a hotel room talking to you! Discuss This in the eWEEK Forum


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