Do iPhone Owners Really Need It?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2009-12-10 Print this article Print


6. Do iPhone owners really need it?

There's currently no indication that someone using an iPhone will need an Apple Tablet. In the end, Apple's phantom device is just a big iPhone that won't be able to place calls over a cellular network. Why do iPhone owners need both? 

7. Tablets aren't better than netbooks 

Tablets are meant to be portable. So are netbooks. A netbook mimics what people are used to on their notebooks. Plus, with a real, physical keyboard, users can be more productive than they would using a touchscreen. Given the fact that netbooks have been so successful, I'm not convinced that there's a real need for an Apple tablet

8. The middle road isn't the best road 

In computing, being a "middle-of-the-road" product usually leads to serious trouble for the vendor. Isn't that what the Apple Tablet is? It's not as useful or portable as a netbook, it doesn't have the capabilities of the iPhone, and it lacks the power and productivity of a notebook or desktop. It's an extra device -- an afterthought.

9. What is its purpose?

What does Apple really gain by releasing an Apple Tablet? Sure, it will likely be a cool device, but it won't help it sell more Macs. The Apple Tablet is a novelty product at best. It appeals to our inner geek, but unless Apple comes up with something revolutionary, it won't appeal to our desire for a new and improved computing experience. 

10. The world won't change for a tablet

One of the biggest problems facing Apple is that the Web and software won't change because the company has released a tablet computer. The tech world is designed for a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor. It isn't optimized for users to make an Apple Tablet their day-to-day computer. That will likely hinder the Tablet's growth. And it might make some think twice about picking one up. 

Is the Apple Tablet concept cool? Sure. But whether it's worth buying is very much up for debate.

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