Users Will Win in the End

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2009-08-05 Print this article Print

4. Palm can change things
I firmly believe that if Palm continues to pursue its battle with Apple, things could change. More companies might jump on the bandwagon. More complaints against Apple will come on the heels of Palm's. Apple will be forced to respond. And in the process, consumers and enterprise customers could benefit.

5. Apple will respond
To reiterate, if the complaints keep coming, Apple will have to respond eventually. It can't afford not to. I believe that the company thought the Google Voice and Palm issue would quickly blow over. It hasn't. Apple needs to address it before it gets out of hand and allows Palm to really change things.

6. More App Stores?
Apple's move to reject applications and to keep competing devices out may backfire if other vendors set up competing app stores that can gain market share. Palm could welcome all those rejected apps. Google's Android Market could accept them too. More apps means greater choice for consumers and a better user experience.

7. Apple is learning a lesson
Apple's battles with Palm and Google might have taught the company something important: You can only push companies around for so long before it causes a backlash. Apple made the wrong choice with Google Voice. It played the Palm Pre situation improperly. It cost the company valuable mind share. It can't let that happen again.

8. Relaxation
Apple might have learned to relax a little when it comes to the App Store. Sure, some features might be similar, but you know what? There's nothing wrong with allowing them into the store for consumers to decide if they're worthwhile. I understand that, in some cases, there are contractual obligations. But for those instances where there are not, Apple might have learned during this ordeal that it needs to relax its rules just a little bit.

9. Google isn't to be messed with
Apple can beat up small developers. But Google is an entirely different story. It's an extremely popular company. It's bigger than Apple. It also has a huge following. When you upset Google (as Apple has), it might lead to trouble. And that's some trouble that Apple doesn't want. If Google decides to challenge Apple, it would mean more competition and more offerings for users and, in the end, it's the consumer who wins.

10. The blogosphere can get things done
As powerful as Google and Palm are, it's the blogosphere that could put serious pressure on Apple in the future. As long as bloggers are upset with Apple's practices, the blogosphere will make it a key issue for the rest of the year. It will pester Apple. It will talk about Apple's foibles in every blog post about the company. That's extremely powerful. If millions of people across the globe are inundated with talk of Apple treating companies poorly, it's a problem-readers might start to believe it.

So, as Apple's battles continue to unfold, it seems that Apple must have learned some things. When the dust clears, users will benefit.

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