Rumors Keep Circulating No Matter What Apple Says

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-01-21 Print this article Print


5. Apple gives hints

When Apple announces a press event, it gives some hints to the media and consumers. For example, Apple's announcement for the company's press event next week says it plans to show off its latest "creation." Does that mean it will be announcing the new tablet? It's certainly plausible. But anything other than that probably isn't. Regardless, the rumor mill continues to cook up ideas that have little or nothing to do with Apple's hints.

6. Some are ridiculous

Sometimes, rumors will hit the wire that make those who follow Apple scratch their heads. Unfortunately, that happens more often than you would expect. Apple won't become an online company. Steve Jobs won't be selling Apple to the highest bidder. And although it might seem like a good idea to some, the hardware company has no plans to license its software to other vendors.

7. Hope reigns supreme

In many Apple rumors, hope reigns supreme. After the iPhone was first released, there were rumors that Apple would be adding copy-and-paste support sooner rather than later. It didn't come for two years. Oftentimes, folks want to see specific features offered in Apple devices and they allow those to become the story. Don't be fooled by hope.

8. Many are unsubstantiated

Following that, it's important to realize that many rumors have no substantiation. As I mentioned above, analysts are at least talking with component partners to see what Apple has been ordering lately. Others have sources that can provide some reasoning for why the company might be following a particular strategy. But in several other cases, a person brews up a rumor and makes up a fake story that spreads across the Web.

9. They lead to disappointment

Because so many rumors are based in the hopes of those who start them, Apple's announcements generally fail to live up to the hype. Save for the iPhone, most of Apple's announcements over the past few years paled in comparison with the rumors that preceded them. The iMac touch screen is nowhere to be found. A full-featured iPod Nano isn't so full-featured. And even a new iPhone with many of the features it's lacking-a favorite rumor-has yet to be announced. Simply put, Apple can't move as fast as the rumor mill wants it to move.

10. They never end

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about Apple rumors is that they never end. Even though they are at a boil right now, rumors will continue to hit the Web after Steve Jobs makes his big announcement. Apple is one of the most riveting companies in the tech industry. Its secrecy and the quality of its products combine to make it fantastic fodder for rumors. That won't change any time soon. So get ready for more rumors in 2010.

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