10 Reasons Why RIM Beats Google, Apple at the Mobile Game

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-05-19 Print this article Print

title=RIM Remains the Darling of the Enterprise}

5. BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry Enterprise Server is arguably the biggest reason why RIM has been able to attract (and keep) enterprise customers. The service is widely considered the best in its class and delivers the kind of productivity and functionality that no other mobile operating system on the market can muster. Considering so many companies are so invested in BES, RIM has made it difficult for them to switch anytime soon.

6. It's Windows all over again

There's something rather interesting about the enterprise that most companies seem to forget: it hates change. As much as Steve Jobs wants companies to see Mac OS X as the more capable alternative to Windows, they don't care. They are already productive with Windows. The same can be said for RIM. More often than not, companies are content to stick with the technology that they feel comfortable with. It makes sense. Switching software or hardware can reduce productivity. It can also wreak havoc on a company's bottom line. The enterprise is typically scared to try something new, especially when the product it's using works so well. That should help bolster RIM's market share going forward.

7. Not everyone loves touch screens

It's easy to get caught up in the allure of touch screens. Yes, they're nice and they do something that's totally unique in the mobile market. But not everyone believes that they're all that necessary. For many, the iPhone's virtual keyboard, widely regarded as the best of its kind in the mobile space, still can't match a physical keyboard. And although it's nice to "swipe" around a page, a trackball isn't half bad either. If market share figures are any indication, touch screens just aren't for everyone. And RIM is reaping the benefits of that.

8. Ubiquity is key

A key issue with the iPhone is that it's only available to AT&T customers. Some have said that it's not such a big deal considering the phone they are able to use, but that might not be true. RIM has shown time and again that the most coveted phone won't always win the day. Enterprise customers and consumers are still buying BlackBerry smartphones because they are available on their preferred carrier. It's important to not underestimate carrier preference.

9. Apps aren't everything

There's no debating that Apple offers the best selection of mobile applications out of any company in the market. Unfortunately for RIM, it currently delivers a relatively small selection of apps that, for the most part, don't adequately compare to those available on the iPhone. But that might not be as important as some folks think. The native applications available in the BlackBerry are outstanding. They help keep employees productive. And for the average company, that means everything.

10. It doesn't try to do too much

RIM should be commended for not trying to do too much with its platform. Even though it made a poor decision by trying to deliver an iPhone competitor with the Storm, RIM has mostly stuck with what it knows best with its Bold and Tour smartphones. RIM must stay the course. It will never be able to match the iPhone on specs and Google is too powerful for it to best Android OS. BlackBerry OS is fine the way it is. RIM must continue to remember that.

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