Showing Droid Xs Features to Best Advantage

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-06-19 Print this article Print

5. HD would be nice

According to Verizon's Droid page, the Droid X will support 720p video recording and have HD output. That's a welcome feature that Motorola should be promoting as much as possible until the phone is released. Smartphones are becoming more than just devices that let consumers check e-mail, place calls, and surf the Web. They're now entertainment companions. And a key component in that entertainment is being able to record video and play it back on a television or computer. Thanks to 720p visuals and HD output, that will be possible on the Droid X.

6. The processor matters, too

Although Motorola has yet to say what kind of components will be running in the Droid X, speculation abounds that it will include a 2GHz ARM processor. If so, it should help the phone perform far more effectively than some of its predecessors running less-capable processors. Since the iPhone launched, Apple has made mobile processors a key component in the success or failure of a device. The better the processor, the better the phone operates. A 2GHz chip running the Droid X should help Motorola keep up with Apple and its iPhone.

7. Pricing is everything

Pricing is the major question mark with the Droid X. Apple plans to offer the iPhone 4 to consumers for $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB version. If the Droid X is more expensive than $200, Motorola is in for trouble. As many features as the phone might have, and as nice as some consumers might think it will be, it won't matter if it's more expensive than the iPhone. In the tech business, there are price leaders and there are feature leaders. Motorola must be a price leader if it wants the Droid X to be successful.

8. A bigger screen is worth having

When Apple announced the iPhone 4, some were upset to see that it offers a 3.5-inch display. Perhaps that will give Motorola the "in" that it needs to make a 4.3-inch display the desired norm in the smartphone space. Currently, the HTC Evo 4G boasts a 4.3-inch display, and it's arguably one of the best features of the phone. If the Droid X comes with a 4.3-inch display, it could change everything for those that want a larger screen. Not only will they have a device they really want, but they will have a device that can make the iPhone's display look less appealing. That's a major feat.

9. Verizon is important

Verizon can make or break the Droid X. Although the Droid Incredible and Motorola Droid have been performing well for Verizon, there's no guarantee that the company will stay true to the Android brand forever. Rumors keep suggesting that a Verizon iPhone is on the way. If and when that happens, it might be difficult for the Droid X to enjoy the kind of attention it might otherwise get without Apple's smartphone coming to Verizon. That's precisely why Motorola must capitalize on the lack of a Verizon iPhone now. The Droid X is simply Verizon's best chance of matching AT&T and the iPhone. And Motorola can use that to its advantage.

10. The release date is crucial

Exactly when Motorola plans to offer the Droid X is anyone's guess. But the worst thing it could do is release it on the day it announces the device. It should also be careful not to launch it in the same week as the iPhone 4. As compelling as the Droid X might be, the device will get no attention if Motorola releases it too close to the iPhone 4's release date. If it's smart, Motorola will wait for the iPhone craze to die down before it launches the Droid X. In fact, a mid-July launch-date would likely make the most sense. Don't rush it, Motorola. Rushing is never a good idea when an iPhone is around the corner.

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