Google May Have No Choice but to Try and Profit From Tablets

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-04-02 Print this article Print

5. Amazon is a huge threat

Although Google is widely viewed as a mobile juggernaut, the company has a real threat in Amazon . The online retail giant offers a wildly popular tablet, the Kindle Fire and its App Store is becoming a top destination for many Android Market developers. There€™s a good chance that if Google doesn€™t offer its own tablet, it might hand over too much power to Amazon as its slate gains popularity.

6. Tablets are arguably more important than smartphones

There€™s no debating Google has the smartphone market firmly under its control. But looking ahead, there appears to be a good chance that tablets, and not smartphones, could become more important. After all, tablets could replace both smartphones and laptops for some consumers. More importantly, tablets could become huge in the enterprise. It€™s best for Google to capitalize on that now and not when it€™s too late.

7. It could hurt smartphone adoption

Although Android-based handsets are selling exceedingly well right now , if Google can€™t make a mark in the tablet space, that could change. As consumers get used to products from Apple or Microsoft in the tablet market, they might turn their backs on Android-based smartphones. It€™s no secret Apple€™s iPad is successful because of the iPhone. So, what makes anyone think Google might start having trouble in smartphones because of tablets?

8. Think about the upside

From a financial perspective, Google could make a solid argument that getting into tablets could be a good idea. Companies that are successfully selling tablets are making a serious amount of cash on each sale. Google, meanwhile, isn€™t making a dime on any tablet out there. As investors start to realize that, Google might have no choice but to try and profit off tablets.

9. It forces Tim Cook to prove he€™s like Jobs

Right now, Apple isn€™t concerned about anything in the tablet space. The iPad is the top slate on store shelves, and it has no other competitor to worry about. But if Google launches a tablet and puts Apple on notice, for the first time, Tim Cook will be tested. And he€™ll have to prove he can live up to the legacy set forth by his predecessor, Steve Jobs.

10. Say so long to Microsoft

Microsoft is currently looking to enter the tablet space when Windows 8 launches. Right now, however, the software company has no presence there. If Google can get out ahead of Windows 8, it might make it more difficult for Microsoft€™s vendor partners to enter the fray and succeed. Windows 8 can either be a thorn in Google€™s side or the operating system that, due to the search giant€™s efforts, leads to Microsoft€™s eventual downfall. The choice is up to Google, and tablets might just be the devices to help seal the deal.

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