Amazon Should Offer More Services on the Kindle Fire 2

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-07-10 Print this article Print


5. A new design

The Kindle Fire comes with a design that can about match all of last year€™s products. But with the Surface showing off a unique new design and the Nexus 7 looking awfully attractive, it€™s time Amazon comes up with something a bit more future-focused and appealing.

6. More powerful components

Following that, Amazon can€™t lose sight of the importance of the device€™s internal components. From a quad-core processor to vastly improved graphics, the Kindle Fire 2 will need to be able to match its competitors on power in order to hang tough in the tablet space.

7. Choices

One of the things Google and Barnes & Noble aren€™t doing is offering consumers enough choice in their selection of tablets. Amazon can change that. The company can offer the aforementioned larger screen, as well as a smaller version to compete directly with the Nexus 7. Choice matters.

8. Amazon€™s smart advertising strategy

One thing Amazon must continue to do with its Kindle Fire 2 is engage in its smart advertising strategy. The company used the popularity of to promote its tablet to everyone who visited. The move prompted huge sales in the fourth quarter. Amazon must follow that strategy again with its next Kindle Fire.

9. An eye on Apple

Apple might not be a direct competitor to Amazon at the moment, since they€™re targeting two different customers, but that doesn€™t mean the online retail giant can€™t watch what the iPad maker is doing. Apple is the trendsetter in the tablet market, and the benchmark by which all other companies are judged. Not to evaluate Apple would be a mistake on Amazon€™s part.

10. More services

One of the smartest things Amazon did with its Kindle Fire was to include its many services in the device. This time around, Amazon should offer more services or try to improve its offerings as much as possible. Amazon€™s Web services, like Prime Instant Video and cloud storage, help distance the company from the competition. It can€™t forget that.

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