Security, Data Privacy Fixes Needed Soon

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5. 3G and 4G connectivity

Want to go mobile with the Kindle Fire and connect to the Internet? Think again. The device's lack of 3G and 4G support is a major issue as Apple eyes 4G and other products already on store shelves support mobile productivity. The Kindle Fire 2 must come with 3G and 4G connectivity.

6. Bring on the cameras

As a low-priced alternative to the iPad 2, Amazon had to make some difficult decisions with the Kindle Fire. One of the things that got left on the chopping block was dual-camera support. But with luck, camera costs will come down enough to justify adding both a front- and rear-facing camera to the next version of the Kindle Fire.

7. More function than fun

The Kindle Fire is undoubtedly a fun device to use, thanks to the integration of several Amazon services, including Prime Instant Video and the Kindle Store. But it lacks the functionality found in devices like the iPad 2, which can replace a lightweight notebook or netbook. With the Kindle Fire 2, Amazon should endeavor to deliver more functionality while still staking claim to the "fun" features consumers are enjoying in its current slate.

8. Privacy is a problem

Privacy is a major problem with the Kindle Fire. The device doesn't provide a place for users to safeguard data, and if one-click buying is turned on, anyone can turn the device on and start purchasing products. What's more, content recently viewed is automatically added to the home screen, making everything a person does readily viewable to the next person who happens to pick up the device. Amazon will likely address that problem in the Kindle Fire software update coming soon, but it should ensure that it doesn't make the same mistake with the Kindle Fire 2.

9. Owner customization

Amazon's Kindle Fire does not let users modify just about anything in Android. In fact, the operating system seems relatively locked down. That's a mistake. In the next Kindle Fire, Amazon must follow Apple's lead and give customers far more control over what's displayed on the home page, what applications can be accessed and more. Owner customization is central to the device's success. 

10. A new design

As 2011 draws to a close and we start looking at what some of the top tablet makers have planned for 2012, it's about time low expectations are thrown out the window. Next year should be one where tablet makers innovate on design and deliver something truly unique. Apple might do it. Even Samsung might do it. Why shouldn't Amazon with its follow-up to the Kindle Fire?

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