Will New Amazon Tablet Kill Kindle?

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5. Samsung's tablet is compelling

Not everyone is looking for an iOS-based device, and there are millions around the globe who would rather use Android. However, what makes anyone think that those people should jump at the Amazon tablet? Sure, it will have Android, but so does the Galaxy Tab 10.1. And that tablet, which is already available, will likely be far more appealing to the average consumer than Amazon's upcoming alternative. At this point, it appears the Amazon tablet is nothing more than another addition to an already crowded space.

6. The iPad 2 is a juggernaut

All this talk of Android leaves out one major issue for Amazon's tablet: the iPad 2's popularity. As Samsung, Dell, Vizio and countless others have found, beating Apple's tablet at its own game is practically impossible. Heading into the holiday-shopping season, it might be even harder to establish a foothold in the marketplace. Although the Amazon tablet might appeal to some folks, for the vast majority of consumers, it'll turn out to be another ignored alternative to the iPad 2.

7. The iPad 3 might be around the corner

The rumor mill is heating up around the iPad 3. All the latest signs point to a launch of Apple's next tablet in the next several months. Some say it could happen in October, while others say the launch will occur in early 2012. In either case, the iPad 3 is right around the corner. And consumers, hoping to invest in the best device out there, might just wait for Apple's offering before making any decision on their next purchase.

8. No company has proved they "get" consumers

Nowadays, it's tough for consumers to get excited about any tablet that might launch. With each new device that hits store shelves, it has become clearer that no vendor (other than Apple) truly "gets" what consumers want. Some devices have small displays, while others are running poor software. Still others lack the design that consumers want. It's a problem. These are factors that could make the excitement for Amazon's tablet quite tepid.

9. Enterprise users, especially, shouldn't care

If there is one group of customers that really shouldn't care about the Amazon tablet, it's the enterprise buyers. It's quite apparent at this point that Amazon's device is designed solely for consumers. Enterprise users will be out of luck. Of course, that's nothing new for the enterprise. For nearly two years now, devices have come and gone without even thinking about the corporate world. Only the Cisco Cius and RIM BlackBerry PlayBook have offered up some functionality to enterprise users. Amazon's tablet, however, won't do anything of the sort. IT staffs looking to jump on the tablet craze will need to look elsewhere.

10. It could negatively affect the Kindle business

All this talk of the Amazon tablet seems to forget about the impact it could have on the company's wildly popular Kindle. Over the short term, the Kindle will likely still be available to customers. But over the long term, there's no telling what might happen to the e-reader. It's quite apparent that most hardware vendors believe tablets are the future. Even Barnes & Noble converted its Nook Color to an Android tablet. Amazon, hoping to capitalize on that growth, will likely do the same. All the while, its Kindle might be most negatively affected. It's unfortunate.

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